“Go United” is a joint venture between “Amjoy Tennis” and the “INTIME Tennis Academy”. It was primarily established to help encourage the development of young tennis players by providing a unique opportunity of gaining International match experience. The journey, guidance and training is provided by Go United.

Who is behind it?
Annemieke van Sambeek and Annemarie Mikkers, the owners of “Amjoy Tennis” and  Noelle van Lottum (former top 50 player WTA) and Martijn Belgraver (former top 190 player ITF) the “INTIME Tennis Academy” owners, recognised the importance of International tennis experience in the development of young Dutch and other International players. If young Dutch players outside the top three are to compete with their counterparts in Spain, Germany and other European countries, it is essential for them to compete in International events. “Go United” was established to fill this void.

Under the watchful eye of experienced coaches from “Amjoy Tennis” and “INTIME Tennis Academy” players gain the valuable experience of International events, while developing self-reliance and professionalism. Tours include flights, hotel rooms, training and guidance in the tournaments themselves. By engaging in such tours participants develop new competitive experience and friendships with players outside their own tennis academies. 

 With years of experience and training with professional tour players we also plan and arrange the trips to Futures, WTA and ITF tournaments worldwide.

Tournament Calendar
Each quarter, we publish on the website of Intime and Go United an agenda with national and international tournaments that we take part in. Once we know who has registered, you will be informed by mail and phone about the trip, possible flight, the coaches and the costs. In short, we arrange everything from start to finish. The only thing then is for the players to compete and gain experience whilst enjoying the tennis by traveling together as Go United group.

What tournaments
All players (national and international) from and outside the 2 academies are welcome to join Go-United. We arrange the tennis trips for the TennisEurope tournaments for children aged 12 to 16 and junior ITF for teenagers aged 14 to 18. In addition we also organise the tournaments abroad for ATP/WTA players over 18 years of age. 

Feedback after and during tournaments
During the tournament parents are always kept informed. We also evaluate each trip by contacting by phone parents and coaches. This is key in enabling the trainers to work effectively during matches abroad.

More information?
Go United Tennis Travel is a totally new concept facilitating participation in tournaments at home and abroad at a higher level. Two tennis academies with years of experience stand behind it 100%.
For more information; please send an email to: madeleine@go-united.nl

INTIME Tennis Europe tournaments
Each year Intime Tennis Acadamy has its own Tennis Europe Venue  for 14 and 16 years of age. This tournament takes place in February and has gained the reputation of being one of the best indoor youth tournaments in Europe. With more than 500 players taking part and 12 indoor courts most matches can be followed by our live stream TV. Other sport facilities like fitness / sauna are available and transportation from and to the hotel are included. There is an option (low cost) for transportation to the airports required.

Madeleine MacDonald
Mobile: +31 (0)6 14 59 29 26
Email: madeleine@go-united.nl


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